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31735Re: [peditors] Fwd: The $20 Android tablet

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  • dmccunney
    Apr 30 3:28 PM
      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 9:08 PM, dmccunney <dennis.mccunney@...> wrote:

      > (Which brings up a quirk: I successfully added my Google ID to the
      > tablet, and I can do things like get to the Play store and download
      > apps. It grabbed my Google Contacts, too. But attempting to log in
      > to Gmail via the built-in browser fails, claiming my userid or
      > password are incorrect. Firefox for Android is likely the next
      > addition, and we'll see if the same issue manifests there.)

      As it turns out, the Google Gmail client for Android has no such
      issues. Nor does the Google Calendar or Google Drive app, or Chrome
      for Android. I could put in my Google account info once in a Google
      Setting app, and the others got it from there. The issue seemed to be
      with the built in browser. If have no idea wht it's issue was, but
      since I won't use it, it largely doesn't matter. (Unless/until I can
      root the device, it doesn't seem possible to remove it.)
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