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31734Re: [peditors] Fwd: The $20 Android tablet

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  • voytekeymont
    Apr 29 2:30 PM
      > The next step is rooting. I actually found instructions on how to do
      > it. The problem is that it requires installation of Google's Android
      > driver for Windows from the Android SDK, and while the SDK is installed,
      > Windows fails to install the driver. It clams it can't
      > finds the software, even though the files are where I tell it to look. I've
      > have to try from the SO's Win7 laptop. ______


      I vaguely recall having some similar? issues with USB drivers? on XP

      can't recall exactly, had some issues that had running in circles for a
      little while, IIRC, it was with 'latest_usb_driver_windows'

      good luck
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