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  • Paul Nevai
    Apr 28, 2014
      Hi Dennis:

      On 04/25/2014, 20:45, dmccunney wrote:
      > There's a midwest computer retail chain called Micro Center which is
      > expanding.

      MicroCenter is from my hometown, Columbus, and the very first store
      they opened was in my "homesuburb" Upper Arlington. Well, the store
      moved later to another nearby location and it is now a Whole Foods Market.

      It is a great company with great customer service and
      they usually have prices that are as good as any on the internet.
      Still, I buy most of my electronics from amazon.com (because it is
      easier to click than to drive 3 miles plus, as many of you in the US
      know, buying amazon.com giftcards from Giant Eagle leads to cheaper
      gas(oline) prices). Before the internet, I bought almost all my gadgets
      from them.

      I found this on the internet: Micro Center, Computers & Electronics, has
      grown from a small store in Columbus, Ohio in 1979, to 25 regional
      locations nationwide today.

      All=my=best, Paul
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