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31730Re: [peditors] Fwd: The $20 Android tablet

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  • dmccunney
    Apr 26, 2014
      On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 7:41 PM, <voytek@...> wrote:
      > On Sun, April 27, 2014 8:52 am, dmccunney wrote:
      >> Most of these aren't candidates for installation here, but I've noted
      >> a few for reference.
      > I thought so, but, thought that dumping list with links might or could be
      > of value

      Yes. You have only a vague idea of what I might find useful, so send
      the list and I'll query about stuff of interest.

      >> Since I still have a working TX, for example, I'm not looking to
      >> replace it as a PIM device. And since it's a tablet, not a phone, apps
      >> intended to assist phone functions are irrelevant.
      > yes, I'm still a Palm user, there is still plenty life in Palm, and, if it
      > ain't broke, actually, more like:
      > if you can't find a better wheel, use the wheel that you have
      > (if that makes sense..?)

      Yes. The advantage to the PDA is that I *can* carry it in a pocket.
      The tablet is another matter. A phone can be carried in a pocket,
      too, but my phone is deliberately the smallest, cheapest, least
      powerful model Samsung makes, used with a prepaid plan. All it does
      is calls and SMS, and that's all I want it to do. Everything else is
      something else's job.

      >> I'm looking at better ways to control the tablet and modify the
      >> interface, and to use the internet connectivity provided by Wifi.
      >> Aside from the Nova launcher, I've installed most of Google's
      > I had Nova when I had Xoom, it came with the ROM offering I was using, I'm
      > not that much into interface mods (don't have Xoom anymore, Nexus 5, Nexus
      > 7)
      > and, Palm, of course, TX, T3

      I looked at an assortment of launchers on Palm devices, and settled on
      LauncherX as the best mix of interface and power. The tabbed
      interface mapped well to what I did. A big win was that LX could be
      given a list of places on the card to look for things, so I didn't
      have to keep *everything* in /palm/launcher. So each LX tab
      corresponded to a directory on the card, which made it much faster and
      easier if I had to hard reset and rebuild my configuration.

      The only things that lived in /palm/launcher were things either
      hard-coded to be there, or things other apps were hard coded to look
      for there.

      I'm not into eye candy, and never spent time fiddling with things like
      wallpaper. My interface adjustments are all intended to make it
      faster and easier to perform my standard tasks.

      (At the moment, I'm thinking about how to add an icon the the tablet's
      home screen to goggle wifi on/of, instead of going though the Settings

      >> AnTuTu's benchmarks got some discussion on the EETimes site. I would
      >> take them with a huge sack of salt, since they don't make source code
      >> available or sufficiently document their methodology.
      > I've used it to 'benchmark' or compare ROMs and overclock settings; also,
      > to see how does my choice compares to 'current hot devices'
      > since I got Nexus, apart from rooting, I haven't and don't plan installing
      > alternate ROMs, it was to learn on my early devices (but, never know..)

      It's probably a valid reference point for benchmarking and comparing
      different things on the same device. It's been used elsewhere to
      compare different devices, but since they don't publish how they test
      or what their methodology is, such comparisons are *highly* suspect.

      >> An FTP client is a possible future addition, but again, it's a "Nice
      >> to have just in case" What makes this one attractive?
      > hmm, don't remember anymore, wanted to transfer a whole bunch of photos,
      > found that one. I think I've only used it once, BUT, it must've been OK,
      > my comment says "Works, thanks"

      Okay. I'll look at some point.

      >>> BusyBox Pro:
      >>> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=stericson.busybox.donate
      >> Android already includes Busybox. Busybox Pro looks interesting for
      >> the ability to add/remove Busybox components, but without an external
      >> keyboard, using the console is somewhat problematic. (And the default
      >> keyboard on the A727 appears to lack a | character, so I can't do things
      >> like "grep <whatever> | less")
      > try Hacker's keyboard. though, now I mainly use Swype kb, it has
      > ('hidden') arrow keys

      I installed Hacker's Keyboard, and uninstalled the Google keyboard.
      *Much* better. Thank you!

      > JuiceSSH has nifty pop up kb extension with arrows/FNs


      >> Alas, while the tablet has a camera, it's front facing. Since I don't
      >> plan to participate in things like Google Hangouts, it's of limited use.
      > c'mon, some selfies ? g,d&r

      <snort> I fear narcissism have never been one of my qualities.

      >> Got it, and will compare with Firefox for Android. I use Firefox as
      >> my default browser, and prefer it elsewhere.
      > I use both, no real preference, Chrome comes with Nexus

      I've been using Mozilla code since it was still the code name for a
      Netscape project to create the next generation browser suite.

      What attracts me is the architecture. While most browsers have
      acquired an extension capability now, there are things that can be
      done in Firefox that simply can't be done in Chrome, Opera, Safari or
      the like. An assortment of FF extensions have become part of my
      standard kit, and get installed any time I create a new Firefox

      >> A cron implementation is of interest. I'm a *nix admin, and use cron
      >> elsewhere.
      > I'm a wannabe *nix admin, that's why I got cron, haven't used it yet
      > beyond 'this could be useful'

      Cron takes some work to properly understand. The concept is simple
      enough. Knowing how to edit a crontab file to do what you want isn't.

      >> A File Manager came with the A727. What do you find superior here?
      > root access enabled, if you want to edit say gps.conf, or copy stuff anywhere


      >> An SSH client is a future possibility. Under Windows, I use PuTTY. Why
      >> Juice?
      > best SSH client, try it, you'll like it,

      Will do.

      >> This one doesn't seem to exist on Google Play any longer. I had to
      >> grab it from the MetrO home page. I have it on the PDA, and it's nice to
      >> see it on Android.
      > I don't think it ever was, perhaps MyAppShares made the link...?

      Likely. There's also an official MTA app, I believe, which will be a
      must have for NYC, which has the world's largest subway system, plus
      lots of busses and commuter rail.

      >> Tasker is a likely add here.
      > partly? or based on ideas? from Palm developers of APT (I think?)

      The fact that it's rooted in APT is a major factor. I heard about it
      here and said "Yes!"

      > again, I've only used it at this point to bring device to standard
      > operating config
      >>> ezPDF Reader:
      >>> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=udk.android.reader
      > ezPDF (and, several other PDF apps (perhaps only on my tablet) allow
      > editing/annotating PDFs, so, when I get inbound PDF can insert per-scanned
      > scribble that mimics as my signature, and, send it, if need be)

      I can think of perhaps once I've needed to do that, and if I have to,
      it happens on my desktop. I have no need for the capability on the
      tablet. All I need to do is read PDFs, and that not very often.

      > and, if you find any useful tools for *nix admin, please let us know

      The ones I can think of on a tablet would be tools like an SSH client
      to get you connected to a *nix system, and an FTP client to copy stuff
      back and forth, plus a .good terminal emulator.

      Thinking about it, I should see if there's a VNC port for Android...

      > SSH Commander is good, you can pass a parameter at execute time to a script


      > also have some MySQL apps to access remote MySQL, and, some network
      > utilities for ping/dns/whois/cacti and the like, I think only on my
      > tablet, since I have both, I now only install such utilities on bigger
      > screen device

      The bigger screen size is the biggest reason I don't use a smart
      phone. Most of the stuff need to do simply requires a larger screen
      than any usable phone can have.
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