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31688RE: [peditors] Custom Android launchers

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  • Markley Jr, John
    Apr 12, 2013
      Thanks Dennis. Raphael's blog is generally quite useful. I've been using the launcher he discusses, Nova, for quite a while and am highly pleased for many of the reasons he discusses.

      ~ John
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      Folks here who have moved to Android might find this of interest:

      One of the earliest things I did when getting my first PalmOS PDA was
      finding alternatives to the stock Palm launcher that served as the UI
      for the device. I'd been doing that on other platforms, and decided
      to see what was available for Palm gear.

      I looked at a number, including GoBar, Home, iSpin, MegaLauncher,
      Launcher III, LauncherX and ZLauncher. What I settled on was the
      freeware Launcher III in the beginning, and upgraded to the shareware
      Launcher X to get support for running things from an expansion card.
      I still use LauncherX.

      It was no surprise that alternatives to the stock launcher were
      available for Android, though Android 4.0 brought improvements to the
      native UI that removed the need for a custom launcher for many users.
      They still exist, and since lots of things out there still run an
      earlier version of Android or have vendor imposed quirks a custom
      launcher can work around, they are still a useful alternative, and
      many folks just like to customize their devices.

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