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  • photojhh
    Apr 10, 2013
      > If we keep talking to each other, it won't be temporary.
      > pedit/ptoolset may largely be history, but this community deserves
      > to persist. We found other things to talk about back when...

      Indeed, that would be cool. We might want to change the group description a bit. Currently it says:

      "Peditors Forum is a public, high traffic (up to several tens of messages per day) mailing list for general discussions among users of pedit--a.k.a. "peditors"--and other applications by Paul Nevai such as LapTopHack, pToolSet, superFinderHack, and printHack. pedit is a family of powerful Memo Pad and Doc compatible text editors for palmtop organizers running the Palm OS operating system....Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and requests for help, using pedit as a programming editor, general information, brainstorming on new features, bug reports, success stories (i.e. when pedit is the perfect tool for a given task), use with external keyboards, IR printing, exchanging data with desktop PCs, announcements of compatible third-party products, development of tools for processing pedit databases, and more."

      -- JohnH
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