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  • John Messeder
    Apr 9, 2013
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      I also miss pToolSet, though I'm on my second Android.

      John Messeder, JAFPR, MBS
      Ph: 717.253.0605
      Member, Society of Environmental Journalists
      Member, National Society of Newspaper Columnists
      On Apr 8, 2013 12:18 PM, "Markley Jr, John" <jmmjr@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hi Paul-
      > I moved to Android which is working reasonably well for me, but I too miss
      > Palm, especially pToolSet plus DateBk.
      > I'm mainly a GUI user, although I do use the Mac command line (Terminal)
      > to manipulate my Android devices some, but I've never gotten into Unix the
      > way I did with your lovely pScripting language.
      > ~ John
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      > Paul Nevai [nevai@...-state.edu]
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      > Subject: [peditors] hi...
      > Hi Guys:
      > It's good to hear from all of you...
      > I no longer use palms and fully moved to iPhones and iPads. However, I miss
      > the Palm functionality. Of course, these days, it is easy to be connected
      > to
      > my desktop no matter where I am and nothing beats unix when it comes to
      > organizing one's life.
      > When Palm went out of business, I bought a bunch of brand new Palm Centros
      > (Sprint) thinking that I need to stock up but then I quickly moved to
      > iPhone
      > when the 4S came out (and still have it). I also bought a bunch of high
      > capacity batteries. Now they all sit unused on my bookshelf.
      > So instead of developing pedit/pToolSet, I keep writing unix shell programs
      > that are fun fun fun.
      > I moved my JFile databases to unix too. I use unix tools to manage my data.
      > For my calendars and to do lists I use pcal combined with the standard unix
      > tools. E.g., I write "c bozid" in the terminal window and I get:
      > 03/24 Bozidar Benc died in 2004 in Croatia
      > (how sad).
      > The thing about unix is that I am pretty sure that it will survive me as
      > opposed to all those here today and gone tomorrow OSs.
      > BTW, when I say "Unix" I mean OS X. E.g., I write this email with mutt and
      > emacs in the terminal application of my Mac.
      > Best regards, Paul
      > P.S. Anyone who wants to register pedit/pToolSet/Laptophack (for free), let
      > me know.
      > ------------------------------------
      > Latest pedit/pToolSet/LapTopHack at
      > http://www.osuweb.net/~pc/pca/pc_all.zip
      > pedit/pToolSet/LapTopHack scripting info/resources at
      > http://www.peditors.com
      > Peditors Forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/peditors
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