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  • dmccunney
    Apr 9, 2013
      On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 11:22 AM, John Harms <photojhh@...> wrote:
      > Paul --
      > Wow, it's fun to see the peditors forum
      > suddenly spring to life, if only temporarily! :-)

      If we keep talking to each other, it won't be temporary.

      pedit/ptoolset may largely be history, but this community deserves to
      persist. We found other things to talk about back when...

      > - For iPhone text editing, Notebooks (http://www.notebooksapp.com/) directly
      > imported my many PalmOS memos, preserving the filenames and category hierarchy.
      > It has great text searching facilities, allowing me to easily find anything in
      > my notes.

      > - For MS Office document editing, I use Documents To Go (http://www.dataviz.com/dtg_home.html).

      Dataviz has versions of DTG for a variety of platforms. I have DTG 8
      on the TX, with the ability to do "native" conversion of MS documents
      (mostly spreadsheets) on the PDA, instead of having to do them on the
      desktop and Hotsync.

      > - For bulk text entry via the touch interface, I use MessagEase (http://www.exideas.com/ME), the same
      > software keyboard I used for years on PalmOS. If I have a handy lap or table,
      > there is the Apple Bluetooth keyboard (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC184LL/B/apple-wireless-keyboard-english),
      > which is how I take all my meeting notes, etc.

      I still have and use a Palm folding keyboard. If I get a table, a BT
      keybpard will join the mix.

      > - For sync with my computer, I use Dropbox (http://www.dropbox.com).

      You and lots of other people. There was a bit of a stir recently:
      Dropbox hired Guido von Rossum, the creator of the Python language.
      Guido had been at Google, but Dropbox makes heavy use of python, and
      decided having the guy who wrote it in the first place on staff was a
      good idea.

      > | John Harms (photojhh@...)
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