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31630Re: [peditors] removing stuff between '<' and '>' ?

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  • John Markley
    Jun 29, 2011
      Quoting John Markley <jmmjr@...>:

      > I've modified a tutorial I did a long time ago for your project. Read
      > and do the whole thing below and you'll be up and running.

      Voytek -

      Here's a short explanation for why you need to do the long item I
      sent you (not as long as it looks to do though).

      To run a pScript you need to have it in pScriptPad, properly, and
      you need to use one of several methods available to launch it. For
      starters the pToolSet module called pScriptButtons I think is best for
      launching. In order to use pScriptPad and pScriptButtons (and all the
      other pToolSet tools) you need to be able to open pMasterTool, which
      is a scrollable list of the modules from which you can launch them.
      So, you need to

      install pToolSet
      open pMasterTool to open pScriptPad
      put the pScript in the pScriptPad in a certain way to be able to use
      make a test text to run the pScript on
      use pMasterTool to open pScriptButtons and run the "remove < >" pScript

      The tutorial explains how to do all this.

      ~ John
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