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31625Re: [peditors] removing stuff between '<' and '>' ?

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  • Voytek Eymont
    Jun 28, 2011
      Many thanks

      I'll try later today and let you know.

      Learning Swype on Motrix
      But still have problems with editing quoted text
      Thanks again

      John Markley <jmmjr@...> wrote:

      >Quoting Voytek Eymont <voytek@...>:
      >> pToolSet
      >> the data is in a text field in 'Hours'
      >> thanks
      >> --
      >> Voytek
      > OK Voytek, here it is. There are several ways of accomplishing
      >this, and this very long pScript chain is I think one of the easiest.
      >It will work in any normal text field as long as you have pToolSet on,
      >and you have the text cursor flashing anywhere in the field, i.e. it
      >is an active text field.
      > Less than half of the total chain does the removal of <blah blah>
      >as you requested. The rest of it is safeguards to prevent undesired
      >consequences. If you run it on some field or app that is not an
      >active text field it will do nothing. If you run it on a text field
      >that has "<", but no ">", or vice versa, or neither of them it will
      >also do nothing. It will only run when there is a < and a >. This is
      >important since it eats up < and > and everything between, and if it
      >worked if only one or other were there it would eat the whole text
      > Since it is so long I suggest you copy and paste it into pScriptPad
      >rather than try to transcribe it by hand. Hope this is what you need,
      >let me know.
      >/*Abort if not text field*/
      >{cut<>0::/*Abort if no >*/
      >/&specAct[8] >
      >/xEpst f
      >/&ifScript@Bf[$$==6742,@@no >@@]
      >{no >::
      >/&mess[@@no >@@]
      >/xEpst .
      >/xEpet o}
      >/xEpet d
      >/xEpet o
      >/&specAct[8] <
      >/xEpst f
      >/xEpst d
      >/&ifScript@Bf[$$==6742,@@no <@@]
      >/&varSet@ [$1,$$]
      >{no <::
      >/&mess[@@no <@@]
      >/xEpst . }
      > regards, John
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