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31620Re: [peditors] removing stuff between '<' and '>' ?

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  • John Markley
    Jun 26, 2011
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      Quoting Voytek Eymont <voytek@...>:

      > yadq
      > dumb question...
      > need help [he means: can someone do it for him?] with getting a script to
      > remove all stuff between '<' and '>'
      > reason
      > I use 'Hours' (from sf.net) to keep track of stuff, stuff gets imported
      > from calendar/datebk
      > stuff contains 'un-required DateBk stuff' between '<''>'
      > in the past, there was only 2 lines and a bit, so I did it by hand
      > now, there is a lot more stuff between '<' '>', like 7 lines or more

      Voytek -

      I've gone over to Android, partly for practical reasons and partly
      for the challenge of learning new stuff, and so have not done any
      pScripting for over a year. However I still have my Treo, and after a
      little brushing up I may be able to deliver, but it'll be a while. If
      anyone else reads this who is on top of it now, please go ahead.
      ~ John
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