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31594palm hardware question

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  • Paul Nevai
    Sep 11 1:20 AM
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      Hi Guys:

      I know many of you stocked up various Palm OS cellphones to last a long time,
      preferably a lifetime. How about batteries? Do you have a plan B when your
      rechargeable batteries die and they are no longer available? Is there a way to
      preserve batteries for future use?

      I am still a Centro guy now (one Sprint and one unlocked) and, as time goes
      by, I like them more and more.

      As far as pedit or pToolSet go, I use peditTool all the time + assigned
      various actions to one of the hard buttons via pToolSet. All is so
      transparent and so trouble free that I don't even need to fine-tune anything

      Best regards, Paul
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