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31578Re: [peditors] ot: actioning a script on a remote machine

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  • Paul Nevai
    Apr 11, 2010
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      Hi Voytek:

      > I'm running wget on a remote PC
      > (I'd love to get wget for the Palm, if there was such....)
      > I;ve got to the point where I end up with a text file on the PC, if I'm
      > near a PC, I can action to email it across to the Palm.
      > but, if I'm 'somewhere' I'd like to connect Palm over 3G or GPRS, and
      > cause it to execute the script, does that makes sense ?

      If you are an expert on linux and shell programming, then this is very much
      doable. Install linux on your PC, run procmail, and create a script
      that reacts, say, to subject lines of e-mails, e.g.

      Subject: password "linux command"

      Then e-mail this to your linux system from your palm.

      The linux command could be also a shell script.

      All=my=best, Paul
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