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31546Re: [peditors] getting rid of multiple consecutive blanks ?

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  • John Markley
    Nov 10, 2009
      Quoting John Markley <jmmjr@...>:

      > Very good. With regard to the "{MemoToNote:" pScript, which evidently
      > is working ok, it ends with your new DateBk memo open, rather than
      > closing the note and showing the entry in Day View by tapping the
      > "Done" button. I did this because there was an exceedingly gnarly
      > problem getting the pScript to do that final "Done" button activation.
      > I have now solved that with a rather cool little trick. If you
      > would prefer to have the pScript end with the DayView entry rather
      > than the open note, replace your pScript with this one-

      OK, now I've taken it further. One of the disadvantages of the
      MemoToNote pScript is that it attaches the note to an untimed blank
      event on todays date and you then need to manually put in the event
      item text (if any) and assign the date and time. The other pScript,
      "pDateMemoNote" would leave you in the pDateTool dialog to select the
      time and date (if you could get pDateTool working - any luck?). Now,
      the new MemoToNote, below, will transfer the memo text to an untimed
      blank event on today's date, as before, but it will end by opening the
      DateBk "Details" dialog, so you can assign time, date, and put in any
      event item text you want.

      /xc Z
      /xc C
      /xc N
      /xc A
      /xc P

      ~ John
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