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31467Re: [peditors] Re: pToolset & Treos.

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  • John Markley
    Oct 10, 2009
      Quoting bluefish1960 <andymmail@...>:

      > Hi John,
      > Sorry, you may have misunderstood my meaning.
      > I can navigate the PMT list in the way you say on my 650. It is
      > within the modules like pEditTool and pTextTool that my problems lay.
      > Edit some text in a memo for example and use pEditTool (I use
      > autopedit) to manipulate the text. If you want to select any text
      > then using the keyboard I press my Esc key and then S.
      > The first options presented are all numbers.
      > It is these that I cannot select by pressing option then the number.
      > But...if I press and hold option then the number key, well it works
      > just fine, except that it needs two hands.
      > Thanks
      > Andy

      Hi Andy -

      Yes, I thought you meant selecting within the PMT list. But,
      again with 755P and pToolSet v.8.14, it still works as you wish for
      me. Press and release option, press and release numeral, one hand,
      correct result. I tested this in pEditTool in DateBk6 and in a
      standard note field, using the ESC S selector. Try pToolSet 8.14. You
      may need to contact Paul (of course, at this very moment that has
      likely happened as if by magic) if you don't have it.

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