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31465Re: [peditors] pToolset & Treos.

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  • John Markley
    Oct 9, 2009
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      Quoting bluefish1960 <andymmail@...>:

      > Hi gang,
      > I seem to be having problems selecting menu items that have numbers.
      > I am using pToolSet 8.13 Dec 04 2007.
      > I can select anything by holding option> and the required number,
      > but one handed...it does not recognise option> release option then
      > press number.
      > EG: edit text, call pEditTool and esc J. The labels at the beginning
      > all start with numbers, and will not trigger unless I hold option
      > while pressing the desired number.
      > What I really want is to do it one handed.
      > Any chance, or is that just a pipe dream in these 'pre' days. (smiley).
      > Regards
      > Andy

      Hi Andy --

      Using Treo 755P and pToolSet 8.14, the sequence (1)open
      pMasterTool aka "the menu", (2) press and release the option button,
      (3) press the key that has the desired numeral, does result in the
      corresponding numbered item activating, not the item with the
      corresponding letter. That is, it is doing what you want for me. I
      don't think this is a change from 8.13 to 8.14, but you should get
      8.14 anyway. I assume you have "Low-Case ListNav Fix on|off" turned on
      in the PMT Opt menu, although that probably does not relate to this
      anyway (??). Also might be device specific -- which Treo do you use?

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