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3133Re[2]: [peditors] Fitaly vs. FitalyStamp vs. ?

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  • Mitch Wagner
    Nov 2, 2000
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      I've never had a problem getting FitalyStamp to recognize taps
      correctly. If you are having the problem on two different Palm units,
      perhaps the source of your problem is a software conflict or even user

      You're right about the two other points, though: there is no easy way
      to tell whether you're in FitalyStamp mode or Graffiti mode, and you
      do have the overlay permanently covering up the Graffiti area. The
      former is something of a problem - if you use any hacks that depend on
      sliding the stylus form one silkscreen button to another, such as
      PhlegmHack or EVEdit, then you'll have a lot more trouble with
      FitalyStamp. Covering up the Graffiti area is not a problem at all; I
      simply don't use Graffiti anymore; FitalyStamp is superior is every

      Mitch Wagner

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      > So far that seems the likely end for me too, but the concept
      > definitely has my attention. If the price were about half, I'd
      > probably go for it. One thing that's been mentioned was that
      > FitalyStamp "takes over" the Graffiti area. AFAICT, you can turn it
      > off and use regular Graffiti when you want to, so I wonder what made
      > that undesirable -- just the vinyl overlay itself?

      Yes, you can turn it off, but then you have a layer of plastic between your
      stylus and the screen (no, I don't use a screen protector... in three years
      of Palming, I've never had a need for one). And, if I remember, there wasn't
      an easy way to tell if Graffiti was on or off (I could be wrong). And I just
      never, ever got it to recognize taps accurately, even after having my Palm
      replaced due to a bad digitizer, and after endlessly removing and reapplying
      the overlay to try to get it in the right location. It was just a lot more
      trouble than it was worth.



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