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31257Re: [peditors] Re: somewhat OT: Palm keeps rebooting

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  • Jon Hind
    Dec 4, 2008
      resetmaster will probably tell you which application caused the crash.
      you may then be able to use filez to delete its preferences.

      another thing that may be causing it is a corrupted sd card. this has
      happened to me - take the card out and see if the problem goes away.

      I think I used whatever the pc program is to clean the card up.


      On 2008-12-04, bluefish1960 <andymmail@...> wrote:
      > It may be worth posting the same question at Brighthand.
      > In my experience, it is worth taking two avenues of approach.
      > First run dbfixit by CESD of DateBk6 fame. It will tell you if there
      > are any corrupted databases on your palm. Often this will correct
      > dubious behaviour.
      > Also the hard reset plan will work for you if you have a recent PC
      > backup or an SD card backup.
      > If you use the PC option, then do a hotsync and then go into your Palm
      > folder on the PC. ie, Program Files. Palm, user name.
      > Rename the backup folder.
      > Hard reset the Palm and hotsync chooosing the same hotsync ID.
      > This will install all the PIM info without any third party apps. The
      > next step is to confirm that the resets do not happen anu more before
      > you reinstall all your third party stuff and re-configure.
      > The Sd card option needs to be used carefully because a full
      > re-install will just put back all the original problems.
      > The PC method is better.
      > Obviously you need the registration codes for all your apps to be
      > available to you before you hard reset.
      > Cheers
      > Andy

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