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31060Re: [peditors] Adding 1 in SheetToGo

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  • John Markley
    Jul 16, 2008
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      Quoting fjmancho <fjmancho@...>:

      > I posted both the pscrit adding 1 in SheetToGo and the new version
      > of the pscript on the wiki which I copy bellow with some comments:

      > • /GZ I am not sure whether this token is needed. I put it just
      > in case the speed of the pScript is increased

      For certain the globalmacromode speeds up execution of pScripts
      where pMasterTool and pTextTool dialog screens are involved, because
      it makes them not appear during the execution, and of course it is
      essential to running pMacros. I've never been sure if it speeds up
      any pScripts other than these, but I think not (??). I've tried to
      find out using /D1, but it seems that, as far as I can tell, /D1 gives
      the pScript runtime summation, i.e. the length of time the script
      takes within the OS, not the length of visible screen time, and so it
      appears to me that /D1 reports the same duration with or without
      /GZ/xz for pScripts that take a lot longer on-screen without than with

      ~ John
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