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31055Re: [peditors] Adding 1 in SheetToGo

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  • fjmancho
    Jul 15, 2008
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      I posted both the pscrit adding 1 in SheetToGo and the new version of the pscript on the wiki which I copy bellow with some comments:

      This pScript adds some functionality to Piki (MegaWiki) so that it can work in OS5 devices.
      I have tested it in my T3.

      They are actually two pScripts: Pki and mgW. The first one launches Piki and the second one takes you forward to the selected link (after selecting it manually or with the keyboard, as usual). That makes only an extra step to the normal way Piki works in pre-OS5 devices.

      1st pScript[launches Piki,See coments below]

      {Pki0:: /GZ
      /&varSet@[[$1,$^] /!/$f/&varSet@[[$2,$$]
      /5u /p13/xz}

      2nd pScript[implements linking, See coments below]

      {mgW0:: /&menu@[1012]
      {mgW1:: /GZ
      /&daLaunch [@@FreePadDA@@]


      1. Requirements:

      a. The following apps are required

      • pTools

      • WikiZ (by Huidae Cho [http://geni.ath.cx])or PsLink (by Toshiyuki Masui [http://www.jove21.com/palm/]) or both

      • MegaWiki (by Jerry D. Hedden. It is a shareware app. You may register at [https://www.paypal.com/affil/pal=jdhedden%40yahoo.com]; though I am not sure this link is still working) Only the main application is needed; version 6 if possible.

      • FreePadDA ([htpp://www010.upp.so-net.ne.jp/quni/] Kindly note: don't work with it on MemoDB as it might corrupt some records. Just use it as a complement of this script).

      b. Define your tags in PsLink or WikiZ and configure MegaWiki exactly with those links (MegaWiki is not functional but still handles Piki)

      c. Write your Piki-Memo in memo (following instructions)

      d. Copy and paste the two pScripts above in your pScriptPad and decide how to run them (maybe a hard buttom). pTool gives you plenty of possibilities.

      2. Some comments on the pScripts

      The whole idea is to take advantage of the remaining functionality of Piki-MegaWiki (until it updates to newer OSs). Piki does not perform links but still pastes them (for a full info on Piki see MegaWiki manual [http://www.geocities.com/ddvteach/Manual.html])

      The integrated activity pScript-Piki-FreePadDA-PsLink (or WikiZ) could be summarized as follows:

      -Launching Piki
      -Pasting the link (manualy)
      -deleting that link in case of a current text field in the background (the link will still be kept in the clipboard)
      -Launching FreePadDA
      -Pasting the link on it
      -Taping on the link
      -PsLink (or WikiZ) takes you the link

      Comments on "Pki pScript":
      Launches Piki taking into account three contexts
      -no text field in the background
      -text field in the background and pEditTool off
      -text field iin the background and pEditTool on

      [Note that, when there is a current text field in the background, pEditTool is needed to undo the pasting of the link (assuming that we want to jump to it rather than to have it pasted in the text). The second pScript (mgW) will undo the pasting, but pEditTool at this stage keeps track of the situation of the text previous to the pasting; that pEditTool action is called "save text"; see menu in pEditTool .]

      • /GZ I am not sure whether this token is needed. I put it just in case the speed of the pScript is increased

      • /&varSet@[[$1,$^] $^ checks wheter there is a text field active. If not, $1 value will be zero

      • /!/$f/&varSet@[[$2,$$] checks the current active form (we are interested in pEditTool: If present, $$, and therefore $2, will take a value equal to 6613)

      • /&ifScript@[$1==0,@@Pki2@@] if there is no text field then Pki2 (Pk2 launches Piki)

      • /&ifScript@[$2==6613,@@Pki2@@] if pEditTool is there then Pki2

      • /&specAct[[5] launches pEditTool nd goes to Pki2

      • {Pki2:: /&menu@[1011] is the command "save text"in pEditTool. So, if we are in pEditTool, pEditTool will save the current situation of the text (so that after pasting the link we can back to it). If not, this function has no value.

      • /&daLaunch[@@Piki@@]
      /5u /p13/xz} launches Piki, selects paste mode and ends GZ

      Now Piki list is up. The link, the record or whatever option you select is pasted on the text field, if any, and, in any case, kept in the palm clipboard.

      Comments on mgW pScript:

      • /&menu@[1012] is the command "restore text" in pEditTool. At this point it restores the text, if the case, to the situation previous to launching Piki. If there is not current tesxt in the background this command has no value.

      • /&daLaunch [@@FreePadDA@@] launches FreePadDA

      • /&specAct[[17] pastes the link on FreePadDA

      • /&tap[[60,45] taps on the link

      • /xz ends GZ mode

      WikiZ or PsLink will work the linking

      I don't have pedit so I didn't take that situation into account. It might need and extra /&ifScript. I am not sure. It depends on the value of /f token in pedit. /& menu values might be diferent as well.

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      On Thu, 10 Jul 2008 07:43:32 -0700 "Steve Kunkel" <kunkel321@...> wrote:

      >You should also post your pScript on the wiki at
      >http://www.peditors.com/pages/ !!
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