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31048Adding 1 in SheetToGo

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  • fjmancho
    Jul 10, 2008
      I would like to share the pScript below. It helps me to use SheetToGo like a counter. It adds one unit (or more, if you modify /&varAdd@[$2,1]) to the particular cell you actually are working with (black margin).

      • /!/$f allows you to control whether the pScript runs over a SheetToGo form: either the app itself or eventualy a Desk Accessory generated by Accessorizer (I belive they are very useful).

      • /&ifAbort@[$$!=1400] can be replaced by /&ifScript@[$$!=1400,@@XXX@@]
      so that an alternative action can be performed.

      I have attached the pScript to a hard button so that to add 1 to acounter takes me two steps.

      /&script [@@add2@@]}
      /&script [@@add3@@]}
      /&varPrint@ [$2]
      /&menu [1250]}
      {add4:: 1/p10/p30
      /&menu [1250]}

      I have tested it in my T3.
      Hope works for you.

      F. Jose Mancho
      mobil number +254726 939095
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