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31007PeditPro turns off

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  • Doug Bardell
    Jun 7, 2008
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      Hi John:

      I have recently upgraded from PeditLight to PeditPro. After a normal installation of the program I have noticed that the program
      has to be initiated each time the the Palm E2 is turned on. I have my memo's attached to the "6/" button. While I'm working on a
      memo the program works excellent. If for instance I press the "6/" button again without turning the unit off it reverts to the
      original palm memo form.

      I have tried a cold reset, removing all *.prc and installing only PeditPro but the problem persists. For the time being I have a
      work around by using the "6/" button to call directly to PeditPro which opens the memos correctly.

      I have searched your forum but have not found a similar problem.



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