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30654Re: [peditors] Re: Possible useful text-editing pScript

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  • fjmancho
    Jan 4, 2008
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      John Markley wrote:
      >you could keep a record of the most
      >recent past magipad clip used,

      I don't personally mind losing track, once in a while, of the most recent
      clip used. Neither I dislike the message "$1 var is undifined". The problem
      is the subsequent pasting in magipad of the string
      ifGoTo@ [$9<6,@@X@@].

      Usually not even this issue is relevant because the process of the pscript
      continues. It becomes relevant when in your pasting a "big" text is to be
      deleted. Then the process stops at the alert point "this editing operation
      cannot be undone".

      I don't know how to make it silent.

      "/!/KP" does the normal job silently either you delete a big or small
      previos text but "/&ifGoTo@ [$9<6,@@X@@]" doesn't seem to be affectes by
      /! .

      I have tried to operate with the theoretical value of $1 at that point
      (-2147483648) using ifGoTos staments but it doesn't work.

      Any idea?



      PS: pray for Kenya
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