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30653Re: [peditors] Re: Possible useful text-editing pScript

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  • John Markley
    Jan 4, 2008
      Quoting fjmancho <fjmancho@...>:

      > PS1: Known problems (maybe someone can help):
      > At least I know one. After a soft reset $9 becames an undefined
      > variable and you get a message telling you so.

      If you are willing to dedicate one more magipad to this, and a
      little more run time to {clip0:, you could keep a record of the most
      recent past magipad clip used, which does survive a soft rest, so as to
      know where to reset $9, by the following addition to the {clip0: chain

      {clip0::/Kq /K2cA
      /xEpet s8
      /xEpet o

      ~ John
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