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30652Re: [peditors] Re: Possible useful text-editing pScript

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  • John Markley
    Jan 3 2:35 PM
      Quoting fjmancho <fjmancho@...>:

      > Hi Andy,
      > This is the "nini".
      > I have reserved the last six magipad as temporary (rotating) clipboards.
      > The "six clips magipad script" is actually three pScripts.
      > a. The first one controls which magipad was last used and pastes the
      > actual highlighted text in the next one.
      > b. The second script shows you consecutively the six clipboards.
      > I have renamed the last six magipads as follows: clip1, clip2, ....
      > so that it is easier to identify them.
      > A secondary script (wait1) controls the speed of the clip sequence
      > (100 is the value that fits my T3 and my eyes)
      > c. The third one is actually six scripts; They are meant to paste
      > each of the six clips.


      > PS1: Known problems (maybe someone can help):
      > At least I know one. After a soft reset $9 becames an undefined
      > variable and you get a message telling you so.

      Can't think of a way around this without a *very* ponderous and
      cludgy maneuver.

      > PS2: I have incorporated John M's idea in this way

      > /&script$[@@clip01@@]}

      Yup, nice.

      ~ John
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