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30651Re: [peditors] Re: Possible useful text-editing pScript

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  • fjmancho
    Jan 3, 2008
      Hi Andy,

      This is the "nini".
      I have reserved the last six magipad as temporary (rotating) clipboards.

      The "six clips magipad script" is actually three pScripts.

      a. The first one controls which magipad was last used and pastes the actual highlighted text in the next one.

      b. The second script shows you consecutively the six clipboards.
      I have renamed the last six magipads as follows: clip1, clip2, .... so that it is easier to identify them.
      A secondary script (wait1) controls the speed of the clip sequence (100 is the value that fits my T3 and my eyes)

      c. The third one is actually six scripts; They are meant to paste each of the six clips.

      {clip0:: /Kq /K2cA
      /&script$ [@@clip01@@]}
      {clip01::/&ifGoTo@ [$9<6,@@X@@]
      /&ifScript@ [$9==1,@@clip1@@]
      /&ifScript@ [$9==2,@@clip2@@]
      /&ifScript@ [$9==3,@@clip3@@]
      /&ifScript@ [$9==4,@@clip4@@]
      /&ifScript@ [$9==5,@@clip5@@]
      /&ifScript@ [$9==6,@@clip6@@]}

      {clip1::/&specAct[200] /xEpet s8. /&script [@@clipSv@@]}
      {clip2:: /&specAct[201] /xEpet s8. /&script [@@clipSv@@]}
      {clip3::/&specAct[202] /xEpet s8. /&script [@@clipSv@@]}
      {clip4::/&specAct[203] /xEpet s8. /&script [@@clipSv@@]}
      {clip5::/&specAct[204] /xEpet s8. /&script [@@clipSv@@]}
      {clip6::/&specAct[205] /xEpet s8. /&script [@@clipSv@@]}
      {clipSv:: /K4cA /!/KP/xEpeto}

      {ShwClp0::/&specAct[200] /&script [@@wait1@@]/o
      /&script$ [@@ShwClp1@@]}
      {ShwClp1::/&specAct[201]/&script [@@wait1@@]/o
      /&script$ [@@ShwClp2@@]}
      {ShwClp2::/&specAct[202]/&script [@@wait1@@]/o
      /&script$ [@@ShwClp3@@]}
      {ShwClp3::/&specAct[203]/&script [@@wait1@@]/o
      /&script$ [@@ShwClp4@@]}
      {ShwClp4::/&specAct[204]/&script [@@wait1@@]/o
      /&script$ [@@ShwClp5@@]}
      {ShwClp5::/&specAct[205]/&script [@@wait1@@]/o}

      /&varSet@[$1,0] /:X /&varAdd@[$1,1] /&ifGoTo@[$1<100,@@X@@]}

      {pst1::/&specAct[200] /xEpet s8. /xEpet q}
      {pst2::/&specAct[201] /xEpet s8. /xEpet q}
      {pst3::/&specAct[202] /xEpet s8. /xEpet q}
      {pst4::/&specAct[203] /xEpet s8. /xEpet q}
      {pst5::/&specAct[204] /xEpet s8. /xEpet q}
      {pst6::/&specAct[205] /xEpet s8. /xEpet q}

      I call the frist pScript with a customized pScritpButton.
      {6 clipboards 6::ALIAS::clip0}

      I prefer to call the second and the six third pScripts with the palm ShortCuts (It is easy as you are writting)
      [ShortCut]sc, [ShortCut]p1, [ShortCut]p2 and so...

      For doing so you must:

      a) Add a High ASCII character at the end of your pScriptName
      {pst1¤::/&specAct[200] /xEpet s8. /xEpet q}

      or operate with an alias

      b) define for these Shortcuts in the palm preferences

      ShortCut name
      ShortCut text
      ([ESC] stands for your pMaster ESC character)

      THAT IS IT

      PS1: Known problems (maybe someone can help):
      At least I know one. After a soft reset $9 becames an undefined variable and you get a message telling you so.

      PS2: I have incorporated John M's idea in this way

      /&mess [@@MARKED@@,,040]}


      *Note that the variable is now $A.



      F. Jose Mancho
      mobil number +254726 939095
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