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30597pToolSet feature request

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  • Kartha
    Nov 28, 2007
      Hello Paul

      Since you have indicated that you are more likely to entertain
      "enhancements" to pToolSet, here goes -

      I would like to request a change in the displaying of the various
      press events for each of the hardbuttons. For eg, I have the following
      script mapped to the Press'n hold #3 event for hard button number 2-

      pScript_03 {hotsync::/x6}

      If, at runtime, instead of displaying "run pScript_03" under "Press'n
      hold#3", you could instead display "run hotsync", it would provide
      enhanced feedback when trying to activate it. That way I wouldn't be
      launching my sudoku program instead of launching hotsync.

      This, of course, would be classified under the header of "nice to have"


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