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29544Re: [peditors] HTML browser for palm?

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  • dmccunney
    May 1, 2007
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      On 5/1/07, Paul Nevai <nevai@...-state.edu> wrote:
      > On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 11:14:42AM -0400, dmccunney wrote:
      > > Drop an HTML document onto your card and try it. The first question
      > > is whether Blazer can open local files. The second question is what
      > > you see if it can.
      > How do I open local files? file://...? Please give an example. /Paul

      In nWeb, I do it as Page/Open Page/Open Card, and navigate through the
      card(s) till I find the HTML file I want. It shows up in a bookmark
      as file://<card>//<whatever>.

      Cards here are kisted is Internal, PRIMARY, and SECONDARY. Internal
      is a virtual card implemented in RAM by the Zodiac's version of
      PalmOS, intended to let folks who don't have SD cards Hotsync JPGs and
      MP3s for use with the internal Photos and Music apps. PRIMARY and
      SECONDARY are the volume labels for the two 2GB SD cards I have
      installed. (The Zodiac has two SD slots, one of which is SDIO, and
      SECONDARY is swapped for my SanDisk 256MB+Wifi card when I wish to go
      on line.)

      I don't know how Blazer handles it, in terms of how you get to the
      card in the first place, and since Blazer isn't available as a
      seperate product, I have no way to get, install, and try it.

      Lets us know what your results are. I just tried it with another HTML
      file on the card, and it displayed the file fine, but crashed and
      reset when I tried to jump to a hyperlink. :-(
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