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28428Re: [peditors] Another for my wish list

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  • John Markley
    Nov 6, 2006
      Quoting Neil Smithline <peditors@...>:

      > I thought about that and it has pros and cons. The pro is that the toolset
      > already has the DA-type interaction that one wants. The con is that the
      > tools don't interface well with pScripts. How would I get a value out of a
      > tool? Would /&specAct return a value or set $$ or something? That seems
      > relatively non-obvious to me. That being said, it does seem more "tool"ish
      > than "script"ish. I think, if it was implemented as a tool and the tool had,
      > once the user hit OK, the ability to run a specified script and that script
      > could get the values out of the form, then it would be great.

      Oh, pTool is definitely pScript friendly, in fact you don't need
      pedit at all for pScripting, can do with pTool alone. Relevant
      pToolSet modules are pScriptTool, pScriptButtons, and pScriptPad, as
      well as the functions (buttons, strokes, taps, and SpecActIds)
      available through pToolSet preferences. If pTool is on you can launch
      pScripts a bunch of ways, and certainly (I think), a pScript launch
      could be built into the kind of module (pFormTool?) you've described.

      ~ John
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