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28423Re: [peditors] Another for my wish list

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  • John Markley
    Nov 5 6:25 AM
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      Hi, Neil-

      Quoting Neil Smithline <peditors@...>:

      > I can think of many answers to your questions. Here is what I suspect is the
      > simplest:
      > - You start out anywhere. Potentially from a screen that has input
      > fields on it but not neccessarily.

      <<big snip of all the important stuff>>

      Thank you. That is very clear. I was wondering whether you could
      get what you want with existing stuff, pedit/pTool plus other, somewhat
      along the lines of Steve's most recent reply. But not so. You've
      obviously thought it all through, and a new megafeature would be
      needed. So I shall now be silent, pending comment from The Source.

      ~ John
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