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28418Re: [peditors] Another for my wish list

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  • John Markley
    Nov 4, 2006
      Hi, Neil-

      Quoting Neil Smithline <peditors@...>:

      > John - I'm talking about an entirely new feature - interactive user input in
      > a pscript. <<SNIP>> Also, I don't use the "PM" characters (Pedit
      > Macro), rather I use FM (ForM).
      > What I'm hoping for is a simple startup page for macros where you can enter
      > some data.

      Ah, so. Understand.

      <<SNIP>> All that being said, I refuse to let anyone trim my wish list!
      I am allowed
      > to dream.
      > - Neil

      Absolutely. Hang in. Clearly only Paul can respond to this. It may
      be a while I think, but we'll see....

      ~ John
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