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28416Re: [peditors] Another for my wish list

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  • Steve Kunkel
    Nov 3, 2006
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      <all snipped>
      I have also thought about this idea of introducing GUI elements into
      pScripts. I, also, am far from being an expert but it kindof seems
      that the form _could_ be displayed in the middle of a pScript. THe
      pScriptEngines would have to be able to pause mid-execution and wait
      for the input (I think). Part of where pGUIs could get complicated
      though, would be in defining the geography of the elements. How big
      would the text field be? Where on the form would it be located?
      WHould it have a Label? Would the form have a title? And so on.
      Instead of "/&mess[@@"Hi"@@]," you'd have "/&myGUI[pForm, H=160,
      W=160, title="Form" pFormID=form#1", pLabel#1, H=60, W=40,
      title="Enter your name", pField1, H=40, W=80, title="", Boolean blah
      blah etc etc]" And that would be just to define the form's image ...
      You'd still have to handle the information added to the form upon
      execution !!!

      I dunno ... I have a hunch that for anything like this, the forms
      would have to be some kind of separate, all-new component of the
      pedit/pToolSet family.

      pMasterTool allows a user to assign applications to the "myAppl's"
      list. The information is then stored in a pMasterTool prefsDB and can
      be accessed by the pToolButtons. Maybe there could be a new "pForms"
      module that would allow the user to build a really simple customized
      form with different types of objects on it. That form would then be
      saved in the "pForms" prefsDB. Then when developing a pScript the
      user would add a "pForm pFunction" that would launch the pForm and
      monitor the appropriate GUI element (e.g. text input field) and close
      the form and return the value when appropriate. Like
      "/&form[form#1,getFieldString#1,$A]." The pForm pFunction would then
      open pForm#1 and monitor pField#1 for a text string, then get it and
      append it to pVariable A.

      Later versions of pForms could introduce pCheckbox, pPopup, pRepeatbutton, pEtc.

      LOL ... it makes perfect sense in the wacky world of steveLand !!! :o)

      I think something of this magnitude would constitute an entirely new
      product release, and hense wouldn't be seen for quite some time, if at
      all, given that PaulComputing is a one-man company... But hey, I'd
      surely pay a few extra $$ for pForm functionality ;-) :o}

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