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28415Re: [peditors] Another for my wish list

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  • John Markley
    Nov 3, 2006
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      Hi, Neil-
      I think it may be a while before Paul is able to respond, so let me
      ask some questions, in line, about this that might help you and him--

      Quoting Neil Smithline <peditors@...>:

      > I know that pScripts, due to the oddities of the Palm OS, cannot interact
      > with the user. For example, they can't pop up a form in the middle or ask
      > the user to press 'y' or 'n'. But is it the case that they can't interact be
      > made to interact with users before they start running?

      Do you mean by this that pScripts will only run at the moment when
      specifically initiated by a triggering act of the user, and can't be
      made to self-start without the direct initiation of the user, during
      some designated sequence (which is true)?

      > For example:
      > /* pMacro */
      > {SimpleInputScreen::#FMaa /* use form */
      > /&varSet@[$B, @@You entered: @@]
      > /&varAdd[$B, $A] /* $A set by form
      > /&mess[$B]
      > }
      > /* Form definition - syntax is just a sample */
      > {#FMaa:: /* always happens "now" */
      > /* only valid inside a form definition */
      > /&prompt@[$A,"Enter text: "]
      > }

      This looks like you're wanting to write a pMacro enabled pScript
      followed by a pMacro, but the syntax is wrong. Or are you giving an
      example of a new, as yet nonexistant syntax that you're wishing for
      ("syntax is just a sample")? Similarly, the pFunction "/&prompt@[]"
      does not currently exist. ??

      > /* Initial screen */
      > Enter text: _foo___________ (pretend that is an input box)
      > /* Output screen */
      > You entered: foo
      > I think this should basically work. There would be limitations such as the
      > form needing to be at the beginning and there is only a "now" version but
      > who cares. It would still be very valuable. It would allow users to write
      > custom tools like pMemoTool via pScripts. Furthermore, over time the types
      > of inputs can grow so that I could specify different types such as date or
      > time or positive integer or drop-down list and the input forms could then
      > become more and more sophisticated.
      > Now I'm far from a pScript internals expert so I don't really know if this
      > can work but I think it should.
      > Paul?
      > - Neil

      ~ John
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