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28350Re: [peditors] Launching Desk Accessories and Key Invocation Mechanism

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  • John Markley
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Hi, Jose-

      Quoting "F. José Mancho" <fjmancho@...>:

      >> SNIP<<

      > I have managed to launch some applications, just following instructions.
      > Yet I am not able to launch Desk Accesories. Whenever I call directly a
      > pScript, say, {PenLiteDA::/&daLaunch [Penlite]} just with a “btnsCust”
      > button or with the single key invocation mechanism I only get the text of my
      > script in my memo. Say I wrote in my scriptPad
      > custBtnPageTotal=1
      > custBtn.001.1
      > {RakuDA:://&daLaunch [RakuDa]},
      > Then, on calling button 1 in page 1, while writing in a memo, no RakuDa is
      > launched and this text appears in my actual memo "&daLaunch[RakuDa]"

      The problem is, you've left out the pString delimiters "@@", and you
      have one too many "/" after "::". It needs to be

      {RakuDA::/&daLaunch [@@RakuDa@@]}

      ~ John
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