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28347Launching Desk Accessories and Key Invocation Mechanism

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  • F. José Mancho
    Sep 29, 2006
      Hi, people

      I started LapTopHacking a few weeks ago. I am not really an expert with
      pScripts and am not sure I want to be, just coping and pasting, and trying.
      Maybe the best way of getting problems that by the way I would like to share
      with you.
      I am using LapTopHack and its accessories, in short: pScriptEngine1,
      pLaunchEngine1, pSharedEngine1-2, and the rest of the family; I haven't got
      installed any pedit or ptool from pToolset. My keyboard is PKK.

      I have managed to launch some applications, just following instructions.
      Yet I am not able to launch Desk Accesories. Whenever I call directly a
      pScript, say, {PenLiteDA::/&daLaunch [Penlite]} just with a “btnsCust”
      button or with the single key invocation mechanism I only get the text of my
      script in my memo. Say I wrote in my scriptPad
      {RakuDA:://&daLaunch [RakuDa]},

      Then, on calling button 1 in page 1, while writing in a memo, no RakuDa is
      launched and this text appears in my actual memo "&daLaunch[RakuDa]"

      (I have tried RakuDA, ApptViewer DA, Clip DA, daMemoPad, PenLiteDA)

      Any idea?

      I've decided to call my DA's configuring EasyLaunch Hack with some strokes
      and it works.
      Assuming the configured stroke for RakuDa (in EasyLaunch) is from
      Menu-skilbutton to Home-skilbuttom, this pScript works

      {RakuDA::/&stroke i [10,205,12,175]}

      Nevertheless upon wanting to reduce the number of typed keys I decided to
      try the single key invocation mechanism for pScripts. Say:
      {1Script::/&stroke i [10,205,12,175]}
      I got this result:
      No problem with 1Script and 5Script, it doesn’t work in my palm for the

      Any idea? Is that a bug?

      Best regards

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