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  • Steve Kunkel
    Sep 5, 2006
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      On 9/5/06, Adam Coleman <acoleman@...> wrote:
      > Paul wrote --
      > > Just venting...Paul [working on improved list navigation]
      > While you are working on this, here is one for you....
      > Using pedit with keyboard from list menu, ESC-R brings up the list of recently opened memos. Problem is there is no way to select a memo from this list with the keyboard. You have to tap it with the stylus. Up/Down arrow keys and ENTER would work, but it would be cool if the list was numbered and typing the number would open it. I believe the same thing happens elsewhere, like when one uses the doc button to bring up a list of doc files to import.
      > Thanks a bunch,
      > Adam

      THere is currently "numerical search," which seems to zero in on any
      of the first 10 items by typing 0-9. With the new pScriptable
      SpecActIDs (see most resent manuals), I personally find value in being
      able to search the string of an item's text with number characters
      rather than it's numerical placement in the list. Then again, I'm
      usually using the stylus (as opposed to a keyboard). ... Just my

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