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28042Re: [peditors] new Palm - kind of...

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  • Paul Nevai
    Aug 1, 2006
      # 1. Over-priced


      # 2. Incompatible with something else in a horribly annoying way

      XP Pro, isn't it?

      # 3. Only work with their clunky software

      See above.

      # 4. Have lousy after sales service


      # 5. Appeal to girls

      See below.

      # 6. Peripherals will be Sony specific and be jolly expensive.


      # item 5 is not sexist - - these are my two girls who love everything Sony.

      I insist for a written testimonial from your wife that she knows that you
      have 2 girls, in addition to her, and that she doesn't mind.

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