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27603Re: [peditors] WikiSite: admin junk.

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  • John Markley
    Jul 1, 2006
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      Quoting Steve Kunkel <kunkel321@...>:

      > Q for Paul and all: would things like "I'd like to do THIS, does anyone know
      > how?" and "Challenges for you! (can you make a pScript that does THIS?)!" be
      > better left on the forum so as to reserve the Wiki for tips'n'scripts that
      > are already complete, as opposed to enquiries?

      I agree with JohnK, Dennis, and Paul, namely just as you describe above.

      Using the question about a master list of features as an example,
      consider the following scenario.
      Confused from Kamchatka writes to the forum, "Is there a list somewhere
      that tells whether my HyperWidgetXKE will run pScripts the same as my
      Palm V used to?"
      SteveK responds, "see the pScriptWiKi at http://etcetc".
      Confused goes there and finds,

      # Is there a master list of what features work across all products, and
      # which are version specific (and features that are implemented in all
      # products, but work differently for OS derived reasons in LTH than in
      # pEdit?
      This information is in the manual, both within the sections specific to
      the various features, and also noted in the "pedit's development
      history/recent changes" section at the end of the manual. Paul Nevai
      has noted that if he were to separately maintain a list like this, "
      then I would have no time
      for adding new features."
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