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27497Re: OT: moving to new Palm and new computer

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  • Mark A. Mandel
    Jun 2, 2006
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      Paul wrote:

      #If the answer is yes to all, then the process will be practically obvious and
      #the order in which you do DeskTop/Palm is irrelevant.
      #E.g., with the Palm. Backup old, hard reset new, hotsync new, lock up old
      #into your vault and never look at it again.

      Make that "i.e.":
      - i.e. = Latin "id est" = that is
      - e.g. = Latin "exempli gratia" = for example

      -- Dr. Whom, Consulting Linguist, Grammarian,
      Orthoepist, and Philological Busybody
      a.k.a. Mark A. Mandel
      [This text prepared with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.]
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