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27193Re: [peditors] pScripting question: how to time taps??

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  • John Markley
    Apr 1, 2006
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      Quoting John Markley <jmmjr@...>:

      > Quoting Steve <kunkel321@...>:
      I have been working on the follow script:
      >> {s327::
      >> /&tapi[084,154]/&script$[@@bkt-detials@@]}
      >> {bkt-detials:: /&tap[184,155]
      >> It is designed such that I tap on an appointment in Day View, then
      >> activate s327 and it:
      >> taps the Details button [084,155],

      *AND*, if I put *two* "0x0A"s in your
      > script,
      > one to select the category from the list and one to "OK" it, it
      > works.
      > Try
      > /&tap[184,155]
      > /&script$[@@bkt-scrollup8@@]}
      > {bkt-scrollup8::
      > /0x0B/0x0B/0x0B/0x0B/0x0B/0x0B/0x0B/0x0B/0x0A/0x0A}

      Hi, Steve- another thought. Since the Details screen activation
      button "Det" can be in a different location on the screen depending on
      whether the DIA is deployed or not, and both Det and the dropdown arrow
      will have different coordinates depending on screen orientation, the
      "&tap"s may not always work. But "/&control@[] does, I think. Try
      "/&control@[@@Det@@]" for the details button and "/&control@[@@#2#@@]"
      to drop down the list.....
      ~ John
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