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  • Josh Morris
    Mar 3, 2006
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      > Outlook conduits. I had noticed some duplicates and didn't realize
      > that it could be due to DateBk (I am not so hard-core on using
      > DateBk that I can't do without it, as I do like the native PIMs
      > enough). I had thought that CESD had starting using the Task
      > database instead of the old ToDo one (I thought this had occurred
      > one of the latter versions of DateBk5), so I'm disappointed to hear
      > that they still use the old database.

      The tasks/todo was the one he didn't update. The problem stems from
      the PalmOS model requiring certain things to be within the first 64kb
      of the program, and that part of the program has been pretty much
      full for quite some time. Last I heard he was attempting to find a
      way to shoehorn direct Tasks support into it, but it isn't there yet,
      as far as I know. Now, even if he does provide for direct access,
      that's not to say that he will support every aspect of the new
      database structure (such as alarms, repeats, etc.). He may continue
      to just use the notes field as on all other PalmOS devices to set
      those things (and therefore you may be no better off than when using
      the DM kludge). He did that for some items in the Calendar db, too.
      (eg. Events spanning midnight)

      You can always visit the pimlicosoftware group if you have further
      questions about anything. We try to be a helpful bunch over there as

      And the duplicates may not necessarily be a result of DateBk. It
      could just be ActiveStink doing its thing. (For example, even when I
      stopped using my T3/5 (perish the thought) and solely used my iPAQ, I
      still ended up with duplicates, missing things, etc., if I sync'd at
      work _and_ at home. It just randomly happenend. I never even opened
      appointments and things at home which might "trigger" a duplicate.)

      (I never use PocketMirror or Palm Outlook conduits at home, either. I
      only use Outlook at work because I am painted into that corner by
      apps I'm supposed to know. It's Palm Desktop only at home for

      Good luck with the scripting and automation thing this weekend.

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