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  • Josh Morris
    Mar 3, 2006
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      > The part of your endeavor that involves cross-systems syncing is a
      > bit out of my experience....I'm a purely Mac guy. Except, my entire
      > office uses Windows/pc. My secretary does my schedule in Outlook and
      > sync my TX to it via Chapura PocketMirror. I suspect you've looked
      > into this and there must be something that prevents doing so. Since
      > you also use DateBK6, take a look at the pimlicodatebk yahoo forum
      > archives if you've not done so, as over time there's been a lot of
      > discussion regarding Palm/Outlook synchronization there.

      Since you aren't allowed to install PocketMirror or the Palm Outlook
      conduits at work (I think I recall that in your first message), you
      could in theory install Outlook on a home system for syncing to your
      Axim (which syncs at work), and then sync your Palm with that. However,
      I don't really recommend it, especially if you use features like tasks
      with alarms, repeating tasks, events that span midnight, meetings with
      attendees, or anything else beyond a simple calendar type entry. First,
      DateBk handles tasks much differently than the native app does (at
      least right now - we'll see if/when CESD implements direct native tasks
      db access in newer Palm devices if that changes because of the new
      features in the newer Palm proprietary db's), and that leads to
      duplicates, missed alarms on at least one of the devices, etc. Also,
      and this is probably the biggest reason, syncing a PPC with more than
      one machine is begging for trouble. I ALWAYS ended up with duplicates,
      missing events, etc. when I synced at work and at home. ActiveSync, to
      put it bluntly, sucks big time.

      So if you can't install PM or the native Palm Outlook conduits, then
      I'd recommend against doing the Exchange to Axim to standalone Outlook
      to Palm route. It's actually bad enough syncing everything to the
      original source (because of the differences between Palm/DateBk and
      Outlook/PocketPC database structures).

      Sorry to rain on your parade.

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