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26996Re: [peditors] Re: Poo on me

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  • John Markley
    Mar 3, 2006
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      Quoting keenvb <bvkeen@...>:

      > John,
      > Good pep talk. Thank you. I'll work on a list of automations and go
      > from there. I really do like the simplicity and speed of Palm and
      > would like to make a go of it.

      Great. Standing by....

      > Thanks Jim. We use Outlook at work, so your Lotus Notes workaround
      > wouldn't help. I sure do appreciate the offer of help, though.
      Its PIM is outstanding (and
      > DateBk 6 is adding improvements to that).

      The part of your endeavor that involves cross-systems syncing is a
      bit out of my experience....I'm a purely Mac guy. Except, my entire
      office uses Windows/pc. My secretary does my schedule in Outlook and I
      sync my TX to it via Chapura PocketMirror. I suspect you've looked
      into this and there must be something that prevents doing so. Since
      you also use DateBK6, take a look at the pimlicodatebk yahoo forum
      archives if you've not done so, as over time there's been a lot of
      discussion regarding Palm/Outlook synchronization there.
      ~ John
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