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  • keenvb
    Mar 3, 2006
      --- In peditors@yahoogroups.com, John Markley <jmmjr@...> wrote:
      > Quoting keenvb <bvkeen@...>:
      > > Hi folks,
      > >
      > > I bought a TX a few weeks ago, my first Palm in several months,
      > > thinking I could sync it both at work and at home like I once was
      > > able to do. Well, my IT people at work no longer support Palm,
      so I
      > > have to continue to use my Dell x50v to sync there (where most
      of my
      > > action items and appointments are generated). Then I sync at home
      > > and then I sync to the Palm. The most sensible thing for me to
      do is
      > > to just use the Palm for personal stuff and forget about using
      > > full capabilities. I'm not sure what I'll wind up doing. But, one
      > > thing is for sure: if any of you have some really nifty time-
      > > scripts, I may be able to learn to do things fast enough with my
      > > to where I can just manually load my work tasks and appointments.
      > > I'm willing to give it a shot (although I doubt that it will work
      > > out as good and fast as just syncing). At 57 years old (I retire
      > > six months), I'm not as much into wanting to figure out scripts
      > > my own as I used to be. Life is too short and my brain doesn't
      > > as quick as it did (nor as accurately - I'd spend more time
      > > and debugging scripts then they would EVER be worth to me). I
      > > read about 20 pages back into the messages and didn't really find
      > > much, so I figured that shameless begging is about my only
      option at
      > > this point. Otherwise, the TX will probably wind up on a shelf,
      > > which seems like such a shame.
      > >
      > Well, instead of some nifty scripts (which I do have, but I doubt
      > fit the tasks you want to automate), here's a peptalk and some
      > unsolicited advice :) .
      > "Life is too short and my brain doesn't work
      > as quick as it did (nor as accurately".... is as good a reason as
      > ever heard to start writing all the pScripts, and digging as
      > inot the manual, as you can. I'm over 60 (gotcha! over 64
      > and I've never had so much brain-fun as now, working out my own
      > pScripts and helping some on this forum. What you should *really*
      > IMHO, is make a list of the TX automations that would let you have
      > work-imposed Dell data and eat your Palm cake too, and then start
      > some pScripts. Then come here, say here's what I've got, need
      > help/ideas, and see if we all can help. Need to change the "poo"
      > "whoopee".
      > cheers, John

      Good pep talk. Thank you. I'll work on a list of automations and go
      from there. I really do like the simplicity and speed of Palm and
      would like to make a go of it.
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