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  • keenvb
    Mar 3, 2006
      --- In peditors@yahoogroups.com, "JimBoling" <jimboling@...> wrote:
      > Keenvb (I am sure that is not your name, but ...)
      > couple of questions:
      > 1. If you are using a Dell handheld, why did you buy a Palm? I am
      > Palm fanatic myself, but I am still curious -- especially if there
      > some significant drawbacks to the Dell. Always interested in
      > good reasons to stick with Palm even though I have no intention of
      > changing :)
      > 2. What do you use for Mail/Calendar at work? I am sure I can't
      > but just in case... I no longer sync the normal way at work
      either. I
      > stick with home for syncing in general. However, if perchance your
      > work PIM is Lotus Notes, I have pieced together a way to push
      > entries from my laptop to my palm as I save them on my desktop. If
      > your work computer has Infra-red, and if you use Lotus Notes ...
      > I might be able to help. Those are a couple of big IFs, though.
      > Interesting thing for me... I have been a Palm user since '98, and
      > most of that time I *was* syncing at work. But I use my Palm now
      > than I ever did when I synced at work.
      > - Jim

      Thanks Jim. We use Outlook at work, so your Lotus Notes workaround
      wouldn't help. I sure do appreciate the offer of help, though.

      The Dell doesn't really have any Major drawbacks that would drive me
      toward Palm, again, but its memory management bites (just like with
      Windows - let it operate for a while and you wonder where all the
      memory has gone). Its battery life is not that great either.
      Actually, to me there is no contest between Palm and Pocket PCs as
      both platforms can do pretty much whatever you want to do, and it's
      often a matter of personal taste and what is slightly better in
      one's personal situation. I like the interface of the Palm the most
      because that's what "I grew up with." Its PIM is outstanding (and
      DateBk 6 is adding improvements to that). But the Pocket PC has some
      advantages, too. For me, I just got to missing the Palm interface a
      bit and thought that the TX was very reasonably priced. I'd be using
      the dickens out of it if I could sync to my work computer.
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