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26990Re: [peditors] Poo on me

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  • Adam Coleman
    Mar 2, 2006
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      --- keenvb <bvkeen@...> wrote:

      > Hi folks,
      > I bought a TX a few weeks ago, my first Palm in several months,
      > thinking I could sync it both at work and at home like I once was
      > able to do. Well, my IT people at work no longer support Palm, so I
      > have to continue to use my Dell x50v to sync there (where most of my
      > action items and appointments are generated). Then I sync at home
      > and then I sync to the Palm. The most sensible thing for me to do is
      > to just use the Palm for personal stuff and forget about using its
      > full capabilities.


      I am also in a situation where I am not allowed to synch my Palm at
      work -- only at home. My solution has been to use my Palm exclusively
      for my calender, todo's, and contacts. I lose the convenience of having
      that info on my office desktop computer, but gain the ability to have
      all that in my shirt pocket, along with all my memos, ebooks, family
      photos, two Bibles, and the other stuff on my Palm. Then I only have to
      worry about getting info into my Palm quickly. I use fitaly, a Palm
      keyboard, and a number of shortcuts for that. I don't think I would try
      to keep both the Dell and Palm in synch. That would confuse me.

      Just my two cents....


      Adam Coleman
      Dayton, OH

      "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. "
      -- Prov 25:2
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