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26989Re: [peditors] Poo on me

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  • John Markley
    Mar 2, 2006
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      Quoting keenvb <bvkeen@...>:

      > Hi folks,
      > I bought a TX a few weeks ago, my first Palm in several months,
      > thinking I could sync it both at work and at home like I once was
      > able to do. Well, my IT people at work no longer support Palm, so I
      > have to continue to use my Dell x50v to sync there (where most of my
      > action items and appointments are generated). Then I sync at home
      > and then I sync to the Palm. The most sensible thing for me to do is
      > to just use the Palm for personal stuff and forget about using its
      > full capabilities. I'm not sure what I'll wind up doing. But, one
      > thing is for sure: if any of you have some really nifty time-saving
      > scripts, I may be able to learn to do things fast enough with my TX
      > to where I can just manually load my work tasks and appointments.
      > I'm willing to give it a shot (although I doubt that it will work
      > out as good and fast as just syncing). At 57 years old (I retire in
      > six months), I'm not as much into wanting to figure out scripts on
      > my own as I used to be. Life is too short and my brain doesn't work
      > as quick as it did (nor as accurately - I'd spend more time writing
      > and debugging scripts then they would EVER be worth to me). I have
      > read about 20 pages back into the messages and didn't really find
      > much, so I figured that shameless begging is about my only option at
      > this point. Otherwise, the TX will probably wind up on a shelf,
      > which seems like such a shame.

      Well, instead of some nifty scripts (which I do have, but I doubt they
      fit the tasks you want to automate), here's a peptalk and some
      unsolicited advice :) .
      "Life is too short and my brain doesn't work
      as quick as it did (nor as accurately".... is as good a reason as I've
      ever heard to start writing all the pScripts, and digging as deeply
      inot the manual, as you can. I'm over 60 (gotcha! over 64 actually...)
      and I've never had so much brain-fun as now, working out my own
      pScripts and helping some on this forum. What you should *really* do,
      IMHO, is make a list of the TX automations that would let you have your
      work-imposed Dell data and eat your Palm cake too, and then start on
      some pScripts. Then come here, say here's what I've got, need
      help/ideas, and see if we all can help. Need to change the "poo" into
      cheers, John
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