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26579Re: Extracting lines from memos, possible?

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  • dvm405
    Nov 2, 2005
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      Hmmm, what would be equivalent of the information below in Windows?
      Those look like unix commands.


      --- In peditors@yahoogroups.com, Paul Nevai <nevai@m...> wrote:
      > Of course, doing this on a PC/Mac/unix machine would be quite easy.
      E.g., in
      > unix:
      > grep 'TAG' MemoDB.pdb >found.txt
      > Of course, you need to replace MemoDB.pdb with the appropriate pdb
      > Also, you have to do a "tr '\015' '\012'" job first since
      the "newline" thing
      > is different in unix than on the Palm. So here it is:
      > cat MemoDB.pdb |tr '\015' '\012' |grep 'TAG' >found.txt
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