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26484Re: Controlbar on the T3

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  • Kartha
    Oct 3, 2005
      > Hi, Arun:
      > Well, to my surprise, yes. I hadn't wanted to change any of my
      control bar
      > border tap actions since going to v.8 so had not encountered this,
      but upon
      > trying it just now on my T3 I get he same thing. But, but, but (grin),
      > it works
      > anyway.....after the "no contro bar" message the choice dialog
      appears and you
      > can make the changes successfully anyway. The message is spurious.
      I'm sure
      > Paul will see this and fix if possible.
      > regards, John.

      Hi John
      Thanks for that. Didnt want to possibly screw up my existing tap
      settings, so didnt try changing them after the message. Now that I
      tried it out, it looks like it does indeed work after the settings.

      And Paul - we can wait :-)

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