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26253Re: [peditors] Re: my LifeDrive

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  • Paul Nevai
    Jul 1, 2005
      Hi Josh:

      First of all, NeilG had major T5 problems too.

      # I'm on my 3rd T5 in 3 weeks. (Paul will probably tell you that he's gone
      # through at least a few T|C's, though, so PalmOne does seem to have a
      # quality control problem.)

      OK, I had 6 TCs.

      TC #1 was perfect except it didn't have a MAC # so Palm recommended a fix.

      TC #2 was the same as TC #1 after Palm "fixed" it [read: ruined it]

      TC # 3 4 5 were refurbs, all defective both cosmetically and functionally.

      Then I complained publicly so Palm's corporate customer office contacted me
      and gave me a better refurb. So my TC #6 has been with me for about a year
      now. Works fine with one very minor glitch: the power button doesn't always
      work at the 1st press.

      N.B. [for non-native readers of English] "refurb" means "refurbished".

      N.B. [for Americans] "N.B." means "nota bene = note (well). Just kiddin'. If
      you are on this Forum then you are an educated person.

      N.B. In the good old times, before the concept of outsourcing was known, Palm
      had great support just like Apple or LL Beans. The latter two still shine.

      All=my=best, Paul

      P.S. My spell-checker, ispell, doesn't know "outsourcing" either.
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